Crowns & Bridges in Bridgeton, NJ

Man and woman smiling with ocean in backgroundDo you have cavities or broken teeth? Have you given up your favorite foods because it hurts to chew? Are missing teeth making it difficult for you to enjoy your life fully?

If any of these are familiar, don’t be discouraged. At Boss Dentistry, we offer solutions like dental crowns and bridges that help our Bridgeton, NJ patients enjoy a healthy healthier, more confident smile.

Why You Should Fix Broken and Missing Teeth

Dental problems are annoying and can often be painful. Damaged or missing teeth hurt when you try to eat and chew and harm your self-confidence.

But that’s not the worst of it. Each tooth serves a specific purpose, and when one is missing or damaged, remaining healthy teeth have to take up the slack. You may develop a teeth grinding habit that wears down your teeth, making them weak and prone to fracture.

If you don’t fix a broken or decayed tooth, it will suffer more damage that may require more involved solutions to fix.

If you don’t replace missing teeth, the bone in your jaw that supports them can start to shrink. Your face takes on an aged appearance, and you even risk further tooth loss.

At Boss Dentistry, our dentists have helped hundreds of our valued patients with our durable, high-quality dental crowns and bridges. Please call us to schedule an appointment if you would like to get started!

How Dental Crowns and Bridges Work for You

Dental crowns and bridges are called restorations because they “restore” the health, function, and appearance of your teeth. But each has a different purpose:

Dental crown being placedDental Crowns in Bridgeton

A dental crown is customized to fit over your tooth like a helmet. It protects a broken or damaged tooth because it strengthens it and absorbs chewing forces. Our Bridgeton, NJ area dentists typically recommend dental crowns in the following cases:

  • A tooth has a cavity that’s too large to be fixed with a filling
  • You’ve already had multiple fillings in a tooth
  • A broken or cracked tooth needs additional support
  • After a root canal to protect and strengthen the tooth
  • To conceal poorly shaped or rotated teeth
  • To restore function and appearance to a dental implant

At Boss Dentistry, we offer durable dental crowns made of zirconia, all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and gold.

Dental Bridges

We use a dental bridge to replace one or more missing teeth from the same spot in your mouth. If we’re replacing a single missing tooth, a dental bridge is a single unit made of three pieces; an artificial tooth called a pontic supported on either side by dental crowns attached to adjacent teeth.

The one requirement for a dental bridge is that the teeth on which we place the anchor crowns must be strong and healthy. If they’re not, our dentists will help you explore other tooth replacements like partial dentures or dental implants

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At Boss Dentistry, we know how decayed, broken, or missing teeth can affect you and your life. And we know how addressing these issues can give you a new lease on life.

Please call our Bridgeton, NJ dental office today to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Boss or Dr. Virunurm to learn about your options.