Children's Dentistry in Bridgeton, NJ

young girl smiling after a dental cleaningDo you remember your first childhood experience with a dentist? If you had a gentle, caring dentist, you might not remember much about it. But if you had a negative experience, the lingering anxious feelings may still affect you today.

At Boss Dentistry, we want every visit your child has with us to be a fun and exciting adventure. We have been providing safe, comfortable pediatric dentistry to families in the Bridgeton area for over 30 years. Dr. Richard Boss and our gentle team of dental professionals have treated generations of children, many of whom are patients to this day. 

Why Your Child Needs to See the Dentist

It’s a common mistake to think that children with baby teeth don’t need dentistry. But the fact is that oral health care should begin before your child ever sprouts a baby tooth.

Keeping those cute little teeth healthy is a priority. They come out eventually, but until they do, baby teeth help your child learn to speak clearly and eat their first solid foods.

Baby or primary teeth also play a critical role because they hold space for permanent teeth that will soon follow. Losing even one baby tooth because of cavities can have long-term effects on your child’s oral health. That is why regular visits to your children’s dentist in Bridgeton, NJ are so critical.

Stress-Free Dental Care for Your Child in Bridgeton

Dr. Boss has a gentle, caring manner that immediately puts children at ease. Our friendly dental team does everything to ensure that your son or daughter feels safe and secure with us. We want nothing but positive experiences for your child, and we won’t push them if they’re very anxious or just aren’t ready. 

Each positive visit builds on the last to help your child develop confidence about visiting the dentist. If you're an adult who has dental anxiety, you may be amazed at how these small steps help a fearful child see their visits as a positive and even fun experience.

Young boy giving thumbs up in dental chair after examChildhood Exams and Teeth Cleanings

Childhood dental exams and teeth cleanings allow Dr. Boss to find and treat problems while they’re still small. Early treatment spares your child discomfort, and issues like cavities are always more manageable and less costly to address in their early stages.

As soon as your little one feels comfortable with us, we’ll start performing routine exams and dental cleanings. If we find a cavity, Dr. Boss will fill it right away to ensure your child’s smile is always a healthy as it can be.

These appointments also give you a chance to ask questions about your child’s dental needs. We’ll provide oral hygiene tips and explain how a nutritious diet contributes to healthier smiles.

Dentistry as Your Child Grows

We’ll monitor your son or daughter’s oral health as they lose their baby teeth and provide dental exams, cleanings, and fillings as needed.

Dental sealants are thin coatings of plastic that we apply to teeth with rough or uneven surfaces to seal out bacteria to help prevent cavities. 

Fluoride is essential because it helps keep kids’ teeth strong and healthy. If your son or daughter isn’t getting enough from tap water and the foods they eat, we may recommend an additional fluoride treatment. 

We Look forward to Meeting Your Child

Dental care for your growing child is essential, and we’ll make the experience fun and positive for them. Please call Boss Dentistry to arrange your child’s next appointment at our Bridgeton, NJ dental office.